Personalized crystals, malas, crystal grids, and gem elixirs for your space, body and spirtual needs.

Crystals have long been used both to beautify our spaces and to support energy flow and healing.

Objects become Talismans when they are cleansed, dedicated and charged with sacred intent. Talismans are a way to enjoy a heart and soul relationship with the material world. Objects in the material world hold vibrations and they can awaken and amplify the soul or light within you (spiritual part of each person giving life to your body).ย 

At Souls Talisman Crystals we create One of a kind, Intuitively designed, beautiful crystals, Malas and art pieces with an open heart, knowing they will be someoneโ€™s Talisman.

Our creations include high-quality gem stones in each handmade item in our store, which include:

  • Hanging Crystals
  • Hand knotted Mala necklaces
  • Gem Bracelets
  • Gem Elixirs
  • Variety of loose stones
  • Agate and Heart stone art
  • Crystal grids using sacred geometry
  • Pendulums

Working with Crystals is an extension of a deeper listening that I am committed to practicing every day in both my private and professional life