About the Artist

My love of everything from the earth, including rocks, began when I was a child...

Jennifer holding a mala

Wherever I would go, I would eagerly find them. Often I carried special stones with me to then add to a collection that I liked to play with. My love of rocks intensified in 7th-grade science class. During our geology unit, I was captivated by our rock lessons and continued to learn about rocks through my adolescence. When, in my early 20s, I began working for a local New Age shop, I learned more about each of the stones’ metaphysical meaning. I also learned how to use each stone to support or boost what I needed more of, whether it be self-cultivation, love balance or peace.

As a newly married young adult in graduate school, conserving money became an important goal. My husband and I decided to make earrings as gifts for our families during the holidays. As soon as I walked in to the local bead shop, I knew I was in the right place. While playing with the stone beads I began dreaming of what we could make. It was in this moment that my creative interest in stones grew. Not only could I enjoy stones lying on a table, altar or in my pockets, but with them I would create beautiful hand-made jewelry. I felt exhilarated and inspired.

Time passed, and while my passion for rocks remained,

Jennifer holding crystalsthis interest was put on hold as I began a career and family. Also around this time, my desire to have a practiced spiritual life was growing. I entered a spiritual group where I met a woman who designed hanging crystals. The pieces she created were incredibly inspiring to me, and I was taken by her use of beads and stones together. My love of earth and rocks was instantly reignited! I began communing with rocks again, and went to a bead show in town, the result of which is Soul’s Talismans that you see here today.

framed artwork consisting of stones and text

Initially I made gifts of my crystal creations, finding it surprising when it was suggested to me that I offer them to the public and sell them. There was a bit of resistance to the idea of being paid in addition to harnessing the deep joy I experienced through the art of creation. But soon I found myself being sought out by others requesting these Talismans and began selling my crystals at craft shows. The success of this forum motivated me to begin my Etsy shop, which has continued to evolve from increased interest.

This forum has allowed me to reach a wider audience, and I am so grateful.

The name of my business came from an interaction with one of my soul’s teachers. When I handed her one of my crystals, she explained that what I had given her was a “Soul’s Talisman.” It was then that I realized that my experience and practice with the spiritual and emotional healing arts was an integral part of why my Talismans actually spoke to people and inspired them, even if they had no experience with this.

Working with Crystals is an extension of a deeper listening that I practice every day in both my private and professional life.

Jennifer creating in her studioEach Crystal I make is infused with love, unabashed joy and inspiration. I am always on the search to better my technique, to find the joyous beads and crystals that will serve the owner’s highest good and to create a talisman that speaks to the person it is meant to go to. For this reason I am available for personalized hanging crystals as well as the ready-made crystals you see here. Please email me and we can begin a dialogue about what your vision or needs are for your personalized crystal.

Thank you for coming to my shop and I hope you enjoy Soul’s Talisman creations as much as I enjoy creating them.

Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Certified Crystal Healer