Meaning of Stones and Minerals

framed artwork consisting of stones and a multi-colored flower image colorful stones arranged in a circle framed artwork consisting of stones and a blue image of a person in cross-legged pose

Abalone - Handling Emotional Situations, Psychic Development

Aegerine - Energizing, protection against psychic attacks

Agate - is the "Stone of Truthfulness" with love and courage as its source

Agate eyes - Evil eyes

Blue lace agate - Gentleness, tranquility, and communication

Botswana agate - Transitions creativity, solutions, nervous system, broken bones

Crab fire agate - Individuality, courage

Crazy lace agate - Protection from evil eye, decision-making, focus 

Fire agate - Courage, protection, spiritual advancement

Flame agate - Vital energy, ease transitions

Moss agate - Abundance, self-confidence, protection

Tree agate (aka dendritic agate) - Self-discovery, good fortune, prosperity

Agna aura - is "The stone of psychic gifts" facilitating meditative, telepathic and psychic abilities in its wearer. Often used for distant healing and communication, Agna aura is also known to help the immune system, stresses, and thymus gland deficiencies. 

Ajoite - Release emotions, peace, powerful healing

Angelite - Angelic contact, serenity, inner peace, calm

Amazonite - Psychic, integrity, honor

Amber - Draw out negativity, purification, romance, more (for black amber see jet)

Amethyst - is the "Stone of spirituality and contentment." Amethyst shifts energies to a higher frequency, emanating stability, peaceful strength, and calm, ushering lightness and lovingness to one's environment. It is powerful protective stone with a healing effect on physical, emotional and psychological challenges.

Chevron amethyst (banded amethyst) - Peace of mind, self-awareness, inner strength

Ametrine - Psychic abilities, disperse negative energies

Ammolite - Good luck, prosperity, high energy

Analcime - Mental clarity, teamwork, cope and change

Andalusite - Seeing sides of a problem, scrying, AIDS

Angel aura quartz (opal, rainbow, pearl aura) - Aura protection, kundalini, angelic communication

Angel white ajoite - High angelic energies, spirit potential

Angel quartz (amphibole, angel phantom quartz) - angel guidance, emotional clarity, astral travel

Angel wing (alunite) - Balance energies, creativity

Apache tears - Grief, release negative emotions

Apatite - is "The stone of inspiration" inspiring one to humanitarian service, with openness and social ease. It deepens meditation and psychic attunement, clearing confusion and frustration. It balances the meridians in the body, aiding the absorption of calcium to bones, organs, glands, teeth and emotionally eliminating over-activity

Apophyilite - Meditation aid, connect with spiritual world, clairvoyance

Apophyilite (green) - Growth, abundance, heart chakra

Aqua aura - Increase psychic awareness, increase conscious awareness

Aquamarine - is know as the "Stone of courage." It helps to create alignment in the chakra energies, enhancing one's insight into the practice of actualizing inner perfection to the universal's perfection. It balances and fortifies the immune system, excellent for the eyes and memory. 

Aragonite - Magic charms, increase energy, boost self-confidence

Arkansas crystals - Brings energy that is potent, robust, and consistent

Astrophyilite - Soul-purpose, self-acceptance, astral travel

Atacamite - Spiritual guidance, emotional healing, energy blockages

Atlantisite (tasmanite, stichtie-serpentine) - Spiritual awareness, end disputes, healing 

Aventurine - is a "Stone of prosperity" providing courage and strong leadership qualities including compassion with perseverance. It helps to balance male/female energy, guarding against psychic interference. It has varied range of healing benefits of the heart, circulation, metabolism, allergies and inflammations. Worn or taped to the cell phone it disperses electromagnetic waves.

Peach aventurine - Creativity, sacral chakra

Red aventurine - Creativity, imagination, see possiblities

Azeztulite - High energy, raise vibration, project positive energy, healing 

Azurite - is known as "The stone of the heavens" and raises consciousness to a higher level. It helps one to clear ones's perspective and facilitates spiritual evolution. It transforms fear and sadness to deeper insight and guidance. It is said to restore damage of the spine, brain, kidneys and aids in the development of the embryo.

Binghamite - Good fortune, elves and fairies energy

Biotite - Clear pictures of issues

Bixbite - Harmony, compatibility

Blackstone (see black jasper) - Highly protecting, healing 

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) - Centering, adaptability, reduce anxiety

Blue calcite - See the crytals C page for all calcite

Blue chalcedony - See the C crystals page for all chalcedony

Blue copper turquoise - is know as the "Stone of wealth, " it is an ancient stone found in sacred burials as was long used for protection and peace. The copper is believed to enhance the effects of the stone's energy field. It heals inflammatory conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, goat, and viral infections. 

Blue lace agate - See the crystals A page for all the agates

Blue quartz - "The stone of amplification" blue quartz is a powerful healing stone and energy amplifier;it absorbs, regulates, stores, attunes, filters and is most efficient receptor. Used in many healing practices both ancient and modern. Blue quartz is known to unlock memory and is a deep soul cleanser. Excellent healer of organs

Boji stones - Release blockages, align chakras

Bone - Vitality, strength

Botswana agate - Transitions, creativity, solutions, nervous system, broken bones

Bowenite - Protection, dream-solving

Bridge crystal, aka inner child, penetrator - Public speaking,  healing old childhood issue

Bronzite - Focused action, courtesy, inner certainty, muscular tension

Bustamite - Clear energy blockages, emotional safety, stress disorders

Catlinite (pipestone) - Spirit communication, prayer, ritual

Carnelian - Root and sacral chakra, courage

Cavansite - Stimulate psychic awareness, rid negative thoughts

Celestite (celestine) - Angelic guidance, end worry and anxiety

Calcite - Amplifies energy, reduce fear, reduce stress

Blue calcite - Soothing amplifies energy

Green calcite - Prosperity, increase

Honey calcite - Gentle amplification

Orange calcite - Emotional healing

Other calcites - Black calcite and others

Pink calcite, manganocalcite - "Reiki stone, " self-love, universal love

Red calcite - Detoxify, release fear

Yellow calcite - Energy, personal power

Carnelian - Root and sacral chakra, courage

Chalcanthite - Stay in the now, psychic, communication

Chalcedony - Brotherhood and benebolence

Blue chalcedony - Mind/body/spirit balance, reduces anger and hostility, communication

Chrysocolla - Auric cleanser, soothes and calms

Chrysoprase - Hope, compassion, love

Citrine - Chakra cleaner

Chalcopyrite - Break up energy blockages, perception, psychic

Charoite - Spiritual growth, inspiration, transformation CHAROITE is known as "The stone of integration" and helps to bring vibrational changes at the level of mind, body, and spirit, providing insights to the acceptance of the present moment. It cleanses the heart chakra, releasing fears and alienation. It is helpful in the dysfunction of the nervous system as well as emotional disorders. 

Chevron Amethyst - See crystals A page for all amethyst

Chiastolice - Adapting, practical creativity, spiritual awareness

Chlorite - Powerful healing, purifies aura

Chrysocolla (chrysacolla) - Harmony, remove negativity

Chrysoberyl (natural cat's eye) - Good fortune, good luck, prosperity

Citrine - Success, abundance, mental clarity

Cluster crystals - Harmonious environment, energize stones

Copper - Energy, wit, arthritis relief

Coral - Reconnect with nature, love, prosperity

Coveilite (covelline) - High energy stone, psychic, third eye chakra

Crab fire agate - See crystals A page for agates

Crazy lace agate- See crystals A page for agates

Cuprite - Reduce worry, will power, masculine energy

Danburite - Release energy blockages, healing

Dendritic agate (aka tree agate)- See crystals A page for agates

Desert rose - Intuitive and other perception, still in mind

Devic (fairy frost) crystal - Elemental energies, communicate with nature

Diamond - Relationships, amplifications

Diopside - Calm anxiety, assist learning

Dioptase - Healing, self-worth, live in the moment

Dolomite - Insomnia, stabilizes human and mineral energies, generosity

Dravite - Reduce anxiety, understanding, ADD

Druzy crystal - Joy, light, ritual

Dumortierite - (see dumprtierite blue quartz)- Self-discipline, organization, reduces eliat stone. Removes hurt, fear stress

Elestial crystal aka skeletal crystal - Uncover secrets, calming

Emerald - Love communication, truthfullness

Engydro crystal - Relationships, stress reduction

Epidote - Enhances emotional and spiritual growth, perception, patience

Eudialyte - Personal power stone, manifestation, scattered mind

Fairy quartz - Peace, heightened calming energy, meditation

Fairy stone - Healing trauma, health, prosperity

Family cluster - Family harmony, harmony

Fire agate- See crystals A page for agates

Fire opal - Vitality, handle change comfortably, clairaudience

Flame agate- See crystals A page for agates

Fluorite - Spiritual wholeness, peace, organization

Fluorite blue john - Beneficial for sensitives

Fluorite opalized - see Tiffany stone

Fluorite yttrian - Manifestation, wealth

Fulgurites - Direct and channel energy, leadership, cloud-busting

Fuchsite - Lore, balance, continuity, stress relief

Galaxite - Protect and cleanse aura, astral travel

Galena - "Stone of harmony", insight

Garnet - Commitment, inspiration

Green garnet (grossular garnet, grossularite) - Manifestation, abundance, confidence 

Hessonite garnet - Passion, creativity, personal expression

Garnet tsavorite (tsavorite, tsavolith) - see Tsavorite

Generator (merlin) crystals - Generate and magnify energy, remove negative energy

Girasol - Visualization, dream work

Glass - Fire, air, earth, water elements combined, transformation, rebirth, focus

Dichroic glass - Meditation, seeing, past illusions

Glendonite - Discovery, positive feelings

Gold filled - Balance energy fields

Goldstone - Ambition, drive

Goshenite - Truthfulness, creativity

Green calcite- See crystals C page for calcites

Green apophyilite - See crystals A for all apophyilites

Green moss agate- See crystals A page for agates

Gyrolite - Activates minerals, ancient wisdom, self-confidence, more

Heart chakra - Anahata, love emotions, colors are primarily green and/or pink

Heliodor - Will power, personal power

Hematice - Detoxifying balance for the mind and body

Hemimorphite - Self-esteem, personal growth, joy

Herkimer "diamond" (Herkimder "diamond quartz) - Attunement, mind/body/spirit balance

Heulandite - Mystical ancient knowledge from Atlantis and Lemuria

Hiddenite - Insight, intellect, youthful vigor

Holey stone (aka odin stone) - Prevent nightmares, protection, visions

Honey Calcite- See crystals C page for calcite

Howlite - Decrease stress, lower pain

Indicolite - Spiritual quest, psychic awareness

Iolite - Psychic healing, curiosity, sobriety

Jade - Love, fidelity, generosity, abundance, immune system , PTSD

Jasper - Nurturing, protection, relaxation

Black jasper - Highly protecting, healing, determine value

Brecciated jasper - Work, success, wholeness, protection

Dalmatian jasper aka dalmatine - Remove disillusionment, loyalty

Exotica jasper, aka sci fi jasper - Protection, soul nurturing

Fancy jasper - Healing, tranquility

Kambaba jasper - Plant growth, soothe nerves

Leopard skin jasper aka leopard stone- Service, power, animals, visualization

Mookaite aka mookaite jasper - Internal and external balance

Morrisonite jasper - Relaxation, nurturing 

Ocean jasper - Love self and others, heal emotion

Picture jasper - Harmony, visualization

Poppy jasper - Protection, astral travel, relaxation

Rainforest jasper (rhyolite) - Perseverance, communication

Jasper, red - Grounding, stabilizing, inspires joyful attitude 

Yellow jasper - Solar plexus (belly) chakra, social welfare

Jet aka black amber - Heal, grief, protect finances

Katangnite (katangite) - Clairvoyance, raise energy vibration, meditation

Kinoite - Communication, truth, psychic

Kundalini quartz (natural congo citrine) - Raise kundalini, willpower

Kunzite - Unconditional love, clearing, divine love, highly spiritual, connects heart to the mind

Kyanite blue - High vibration, dreaming, stone of attunement

Kyanite green - Heart chakra, balance, love, lessen anger

Kyanite orange - Creativity, sacral chakra, more

Labradorite - Transformation, intuition

Lake county "diamonds" (moon tears, konocti "diamonds") - Goddess and moon energy, relieve depression

Lapis - Truthfulness, inner power, organization, vision, creates and maintains connection with physical relm and celestial planes, intuition

Lapis lazuli - Truthfulness, inner power, organization

Larimar - Freedom, peace, energy

Larvikite (norwegian moonstone) - Psychic work, read between the line

Lavulive - See sugilite

Lazulite - Psychic, reduce worries, meditation

Lemurian seed crystal - love, meditation, healing

Lepidocrocite (lepidochrosite) - Reduce distraction, lesson negative thinking

Lepidolite - Balance, awareness, transition

Lithium quartz - Heal repressed emotions, stress reducer, balancing

Lodestone (magnetite) - Attracts good fortune and love, protection from evil

Lodolite (aka landscape quartz, scenic quartz, garden quartz) - Meditation, manifesting desire, heightened spiritual energies

Malachite - Amplifies, healing, heart amplifier

Marble picasso - Calming, weight loss, self-discipline

Mariposite - Reduce stress, adapt to change, balance

Melody's stone (super seven sacred 7) - Psychic, healing

Mica - Eliminate negative personality traits, release blockages

Moqui marbles (moki balls, shaman stones) - Shamanism, stimulate Chi

Moldavite - Inner journeys, cosmic and crystal consciousness

Molybdenum - Reliability, stress relief, heal holes in the aura

Mookaite - see mookaite jasper

Moonstone rainbow - High vibration, new beginnings, self-actualization, goddess energy

Morganite - Angel stone, heat stone, east pain in seperation

Morrisonite (morrisonite jasper) - Heart, bridge heart and root chakras

Moss agate - see crystals page A for all agates

Mother of pearl - Prosperity, intuition, transmute negativity

Muscovite - Angelic contact, lessen insecurities, problem solving, pancreas, blood sugar

Nebula stone - Removes fear, boosts memory

Needle crystal - Close energy holes

Nephrite jade - Emotional balance, protection, love

Novaculite - Cut psychic or etheric cords, getting past problems, depression

Nuumite (nuumit) - Protection from negative energy, activate all chakras, obsidian, snowflake-centering

Rainbow obsidian (also called sheen obsidian) - "Stone of pleasure", love, light, scrying

Snowflake obsidian - Balance,serenity, protection

Okenite - Sense of belonging, purifying, angels

Onyz black - Encouragement

Opal - Inspiration, imagination, creativity

Opal aura (aka angel aura) - See A crystals page

Blue Peruvian opal - Ingenuity, self-esteem, stress reduction

Fire opal - Vitality, handle change comfortably, clairaudience

Pink Peruvian opal- Love, gentleness, romantic

Orange calcite - See C crystals page for all calcites

Pearls - Calming, purity, charity, truth

Pectolite - Wisdom, truthfulness

Peridot - Heart chakra, balance,compassion

Petalite - spiritual healing, spirit guides, remove black magic spells

Petoskey stone - Third eye, emotional awareness, clear negativity

Petrified wood - Practicality, business success

Phantom crystals - Awareness, meditation, mysticism

Phenacite (phenakite) - Extremely high energy, third eye, clear energy centers

Pipestone (catlinite) - see crystal's page

Phlogopite (phlogopit) - Remove spiritual blocks, mental anguish

Phosphosiderite - Healing, past life

Pietersite (tempest stone) - Beauty in life, angels, relaxation

Picasso marble (picasso stone) - Calming, weight loss, self-discipline

Pink mangano calcite - See the C crystals page for all calcite

Plamcheite - Raise vibrations, protection, psychic

Prasiolite - Self-reliance, prosperity, prophesy

Prehnite - Forgiveness

Psilomelane (crown of silver) - Gazing/scrying, meditation

Purpurite (purperite) - Break from self-destructive habits, spirituality

Pyrite - Healer's gold, protection

Quantum quattro silica - Healing, DNA, immune system

Amphibole quartz - see angel quartz (angel phantom quartz)

Aqua aura quartz - see crystals A page for aqua aura

Azeztulite quartz - see crystals A page for azeztulite

Candle quartz crystal (pineapple quartz, atlantean love star) - see crystals C page

Cherry quartz - also see glass

Quartz clear - Amplification

Quartz - Power, protection, harmony, balance and energy

Eisenkiesel quartz - Enhance energy, concentration, protection

Fairy quartz (white fairy quartz) - Peace, calm, meditation

Hematold quartz - Pain relief, emotional balance

Himalayam "ice"quartz, aka nirvana quartz - Perseverance, spirit, meditation

Litio-laser quartz- Integrate body/mind/emotions/spirit, break down internal barriers

Lithium quartz - Heal repressed emotions, stress reducer, balance

Red orange river quartz - Energize, accept life path, decisions

Quartz rose - Self-esteem, stone of power and influence

Rutilated quartz (quartz with rutile) - Self-reliance, diminish fears, mystical crystal diagnostics

Quartz smokey - Removes negativity

Snow quartz- Good fortune, purification, calming, meditation

Solar quartz - Emotional uplifting, spirit, harmony

Spirit quartz - Transform negative energy to positive, dream work, shamanic journeys

Tangerine quartz - Inner self, balance emotions

Tibetan "black" quartz - Purification, aura cleansing, protection, energy blockages, powerful healing

Tibetan scepter quartz - Connection to true self

Quartz, tourmalated - Grounding, stone of the angels

Ulexite - Far sight, clairvoyance, balance

Unakite - Find animal guide, heal abandonment, weight loss, gardening

Variscite - "True worry stone", tension, kidneys, nervous system

Verdite - Opens chakras, ancient knowledge

Vermeil - Happiness, intuition

Wavellite - Decision-making, energy flows

White color energies - Light, balance, divinity, cosmic consciousness, color healing substitute for any other color

Window crystals - Clairvoyance, scrying

Witches finger - Lightwork, healer stone

Wonderstone - Eliminate worries, depression, anxiety

Wulfenite - Move energy, white magic, emotional blocks

Yellow calcite - See the C crystals page for all calcites

Yellow jasper - Social, protection, balance

Zebra stone - Connect to mother earth, stimulates energy

Zeolites - Remove toxins, remove negative energy

Zincite - Synthesis, personal power, group efforts