Heart Wisdom Meditation: Knowing The Authentic Self - CD

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Bronze Winner: Visionary Awards from the Coalition of Visionary Resources www.covr.org

Open yourself to the multiple layers of your heart and soul. Become aware of and release negative feelings, sensations and past memories for a deep soul healing bringing you in balance with your authentic self. I'm happy to share my guided meditation with you.

Sample tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Flame of the Heart Introduction
  3. Induction & Deepening
  4. White Light Visualization
  5. Heart Wisdom Meditation

Includes: Brainwave Entrainment using Theta Binaural beats

The guided relaxation presented on these recordings has been carefully designed to assist you in achieving a state of inner peace and serenity. Simply being in the deeply relaxed state reduces stress. In addition, allowing yourself to absorb the positive suggestion and follow the guided imagery will begin a process of positive change. As you listen to this recording, suggestions begin to take root in your subconscious, permanently replacing past negative messages.

Regular use of this recording will assist you in tapping your inner resources. For the best results, listen to your CD at least once a day. Better yet, listen once in the morning and again in the evening, continuing 8-12 weeks. Although you may notice a difference within the first week or two, permanent change does take time.

Also included in the music on in this CD is Theta Binaural Beats. The brain can be stimulated by binaural beats which have a rhythmic pulse matching the frequency range of specific brainwaves. This process is known as entrainment and has been shown to be very effective in producing the desired therapeutic states associated with each type of brainwave. In Binaural versions of the track subliminal beats are embedded in the music beginning with a short higher frequency introduction which then settles into the chosen frequency range with occasional spikes to help maintain attention & focus. The binaural beats included in this music are Theta Binaural Beats: This is associated with right-brain and subconscious insightful thinking, deep relaxation and mental imagery as well as meditation and REM sleep.

"I am so Thankful to Jennifer for sharing her wisdom. The Meditation is amazing, helping you to focus and move deeper into yourself. If you are a beginner or a regular meditator...you will love this!" --Jodi E.

Because this CD guides you into a deeply relaxed state, please do not listen to it while driving a car or operating machinery. However, if you choose to listen at bedtime, you can fall asleep at the beginning and be assured that your subconscious continues to absorb the suggestions.

The aim of this heart opening meditation technique is to cultivate undistracted awareness and interior light and healing by imagining a steady flame in the cave of your heart. Through this awareness this meditation will promote a release of all that does not serve your soul’s highest good.

There are 3 aspects of the heart- the outer, inner and secret (innermost) heart.

The outer heart can be thought of as the threshold to the cave. It is affected by circumstances and interactions with people. Any formulation of social self is determined by exchanges and contacts that occur at the level of the outer heart. This layer is a source of both joy and pain as thoughts; emotions, hopes and fears are conditioned by outside phenomena. The outer heart is subject to be effected by the variable winds of circumstance, and as a result, confusion, anger, attachment, pride, and jealousy can metastasize inside this heart chakra.

The inner heart, the second layer (cave) of the heart chakra, is located in the interior heart cave. It is a repository for our inner feelings, moods, and impressions. The middle heart holds the personal sense of I, born from myriad imprints that determine how we feel about ourselves. This includes everything that is ingrained in the psyche due to conditioning, initially and formatively, by the domestic scene into which we are born. It includes self-image, thoughts, judgments, habitual affect, and personal identity. This layer has lasting, hidden, often ambiguous effects on the subtle body.

"I love your Meditation! Words can not express my gratitude for this amazing experience! What a gift. The best Money I have spent on myself in a long time!"

The deepest level, the secret heart, has an affinity with the immeasurable- that which cannot be put into language and can never be known. This secret heart chakra is intimately woven within the subtle body. Due to its depth, it can never be named or recognized. The only way to commune with this deep seated, enduring heart is by moving into the deep recesses of the cave, a journey into the heart of darkness. This move involves a radical suspension of self, a direct experience of utter selflessness. Since thought, cognition and intellect are barred from gaining access to the secret heart, the ultimate way to arrive at this layer is through unmitigated surrender, a total letting go. By ceding to not knowing, by capitulating to the darkest recesses of the heart cave, we “see” the greatness of the self. It is a dropping away of self-identity. It is our highest self which we are always reaching to commune with.

The Heart’s communication is perfect. Whether its message comes to you in sadness or fear, joy or pleasure, its message is exactly what you need. If voices of anger, worry, or doubt start to arise, allow them to speak and then let them go, easily and comfortably. You are learning to be with your heart in order to heed its messages – this is mediation. You are letting repressed material come up to be processed and released- this is purification. You are listening to your heart without judgement- this is attention.

"I listened to the whole CD this morning. Well done Jennifer!" --L.R.

As you practice this mediation, connecting with your heart center, you will begin to get glimpses of your heart as it really is: silence, peace, a warm steady glow or subtle light. Even if these glimpses are fleeting, the more that you practice tuning into your heart’s messages and deepest space, the connection will begin to occur more often. This may present itself as a wave of joy or a sudden knowing.

These are signs that the constriction most people hold around the heart center is releasing its grip and letting go of the fear, doubt and blockages. In truth, spirit doesn’t enter since it is always there. Making contact with it is like being penetrated with light and insight.

This is the flow of love. 

Run time: 57 minutes

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