How to order

Crystals have long been used both to beautify our spaces and to support energy flow and
healing. Being mesmerized by the beautiful play of the dancing rainbow prisms from the sun
can be both meditative and re-energizing. The meaning of each stone used in the hanging crystals that I make, enhances the energy that the crystals themselves give off. (you can preview on this website on the page “meanings of
stones”). As a result, each hanging crystal has different meanings depending on the stones that
are on the strand. You may select a crystal based on the meanings of the stones or you can select a crystal based
on what you are drawn to. Another option is you can set an intention with your crystal which
could help you achieve a goal. Every time you look at the crystal it will be a reminder of what
you are working towards.

Talisman means “an object that brings good fortune and produces magical or miraculous effects causing good things to happen to the person who has it.” Talismans amplify the soul, the spiritual part of a person giving life to our body.
Each Hanging crystal is made with this meaning held in my awareness. I create these one of a kind, intuitively designed, beautiful crystals with an open heart, knowing they will be someone’s Talisman.
As I was evolving with my Crystal Creations, I realized that my experience with my Spiritual practice and emotional healing arts was an integral part of why my Talismans actually spoke to people, even if they had no experience with this. Working with Crystals is an extension of a deeper listening that I am committed to practicing every day in both my private and professional life.
There are 2 ways that you can purchase a Crystal Talismans of your own:
1. You can scroll through the pictures of the crystals that I have for sale in this website and select your item for purchase

2. View my crystals for purchase in my shop at

Please do not hesitate to contact me at, should you wish to collaborate in designing something that will satisfy your soul and your space. Enjoy!